Tuesday, September 05, 2006

'I would rather have his sister'

If Italy defender Marco Materazzi is to be believed, those six words are what caused Zinedine Zidane to give Materazzi's chest a run in with his head.

Here is the full quote: "The Internazionale player told Italian daily Gazzetta dello Sport: "I pulled his shirt. Then he said that if I really wanted his shirt, I could have it after the final whistle. I said back to him that I would rather have his sister."

Materazzi said the remark was crass, but did not justify Zidane's reaction. He also said he is waiting for an appology from Zidane for his actions.

I think that will be a long wait.

I will be interesting to see if Zidane choices to respond to this or if he will just let it all slip by. If this is what was said, one has to wonder why Materazzi was suspended for 2 matchs (including the Euro 2008 qualifier against France tomorrow). If every player who made this kind of remark was thrown out, then there will be a lot of empty pitches.


Anonymous human said...

Well, also, Zidane said that Materazzi insulted his mother and his sister, and repeated the insult three times, so one of them isn't telling the whole truth regardless.

7:49 PM  

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