Friday, September 01, 2006

Jose Mourinho's Chelsea future in 'serious doubt'

The coach that can blame everyone but himself whenever his team fails is not so happy with the team's sale of William Gallas to Arsenal yesterday.

The Daily Mirror reports that Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon agreed to the sale over the objection of Mourinho.

Mourinho was left fuming that 29-year-old Gallas was allowed to leave because he rates him highly and was unhappy at the way he believes the French defender bullied Chelsea into letting him go.

Mourinho would rather have let Gallas rot in the reserves than let him go to Arsenal, but Kenyon still sanctioned the deal.

In addition to the way all this was handled, Mourinho does not like the deal because it strengthens a rival.

This latest argument has added fuel to the fire that Jose might soon walk away from the Blues.


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