Friday, September 01, 2006

Germany a better bet for 2010 World Cup then Australia/New Zealand

New Zealand's soccer boss Graham Seatter says the Germany is a more likely fall back host for 2010 then Australia/New Zealand as he is not sure if they could get everything ready in time.

Still, Seatter mentioned that New Zealand would love to co-host with 2010 if the chance came up. The thought is that NZ would host one of the eight groups and they would play their six matches in 2 or 3 stadiums.

He also said that "the major issue in South Africa is internal transport. Fifa are aware of the difficulties but are committed to making it successful."

It is interesting to note that South Africa is actually putting more money into transportation ($1.8 billion) then into stadiums ($1.15 billion).

We can expect this talk to continue till either a year before the kickoff or till the event is moved.

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Blogger twohundredpercent said...

It would be an absolute farce if Germany were to host the World Cup twice in a row. Australia and New Zealand would appear to the be the natural choice, but if it had to come back to Europe, I'd suggest my own humble England and Scotland as joint hosts. Wembley might just be ready by 2010, and there are plenty of other venues that are up to scratch: St James Park, Villa Park, Old Trafford, Anfield (if it still exists by then), Elland Road, Hillsborough, The Stadium Of Light, Goodison Park, Stamford Bridge, and The Emirates Stadium all have capacaties of over 40,000, and along with them there are Hampden Park, Celtic Park and Ibrox in Glasgow, and Murrayfield (the Scottish Rugby stadium, that hosted Heart of Midlothian's brief foray into the Champions League) in Edinburgh.

Of course, we have the Olympics two years later, but Germany hosted the 1972 Olympics and the 1974 World Cup, and the USA hosted the 1994 World Cup and the 1996 Olympics, so there is a precedent.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those of you planning to visit South Africa in 2010.
I am a South African born and bred (1960) and I have had to recently emigrate because of the horrific crime situation. I narrowly escaped death a number of times. The South Africa of today is a nightmare of robbery, murder and rape. The violence used in these criminal acts is terrifying and done with real racist hatred of whites. If you come to the 2010 world cup in South Africa there is a real chance of your wife or daughter being raped in front of you and then having your throat slit.
My friends have all immigrated to Australia, NZ, Canada or like me to UK. There is an ethnic cleansing of whites taking place in SA, over one million whites have been forced out since Mandela came to power in 1994. The international media is uncomfortable in exposing these atrocities in this country because it is black on white hate crime and this causes tension in the USA and Europe, SA is the hidden killing field of the world. Unspeakable atrocities are being committed against whites by blacks. South African blacks have the highest standard of living in Africa and the rest of Africa is trying to get over the borders yet the blacks in SA have a racist hatred of whites. Big financial institutions and the government control the South African media and they want to protect the investments of the big financiers of Europe and America.
The government has launched a massive bulls**t campaign for 2010.
They have massive wealth behind them to fund the lies and spin, and this will result in many deaths. Have a look at these videos.
If you don’t believe me go ahead and find out the hard way.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Facts are facts

I dont know why world soccer does not pull the plug while they can.

2010 in South Africa is not a good idea.

Some points to pondor

Your main mode of transport the Taxi over 60 % of the vehicles are faked roadworthy even on the oficial electronic system. So if you have an accident even as a passenger goodbye insurance. Over 50 % of the taxi drivers have faked licences re drivers so besides a dangerous vehicle dangerous drives (Actually reckless) you should see these guys, ask any South African never mind sex race creed or colour the worst drivers (Try me).

Oh! the government knows this and keeps it secret to protect the bid and their friends. And it will have a severe dent on the economy if they choose to take an agressive stance and remove the vehicles and the drivers from the roads. They cannot however afford to do this as they do not have the resources as well as semi collapsing the economy we are talking thousands of vehicles.

Then there is TB once you have the unique MDR and XDR don't buy any long playing albums South Africa rate between 5 and 7th highest in the worls a good place to get it (Check up WHO).

In a vehicle (Taxi) as you don't really have a choice or a bus ar a train here (12 to 20 seater vehicles more for the others)thats how the main transport system in that country works works for the regular person, on present stats at least 3 people in the vehicle more in the bus or train with you will have HIV Aids and TB. Now you sit next to a coughing person in a confined space for 30 minutes guaranteed to have either the regular Brand TB or the other exotic brands.

Then there is Malaria if you don't take the required protection don't forget in some of the areas we now have the drug resistant Malaria as well (WHO).

If you like ladies of the night and dont use protection like most soccer fans I promise you you will get HIV aids. This is not in any controlled enviroment like here in EU. Ladies that means your husbands and boyfriends as well (Good Luck). And then they bring it home.

What about the Muggings and Hijacking. A bunch of (NON street wise tourists with money and cameras and euros etc) this will be a seal clubbing for the abundant criminals.Highest crime stats worldwide, and those guys kill and use guns knives are for woosies. Biggest unlicenced gun issue in the world short of Nigeria

So unless you are very lucky or damn tough you will come home with something.

Something else dont go to a Government institue medical facility (stick to private) that is just looking for trouble. In cases you have more chance of having a friend treat your severe medical ailmant with more positive result on infection control.

If you can't get private don't go

The big question why does SA not be honest. That is Africa and no one in Africa really cares and no one here outside of Africa really cares about Africa

It is all lip service.

Hint save your money buy a big screen invite some friends around and watch it on TV that is if it still takes place. Much better bet.

All my friends in SA are staying at home behind the barbed wire and electric fences in their secure housing high security patrolled complexes and watching on TV where ever it takes place in SA or some other country.

If you dont believe me check thisout it is your life and your families.

Other than that it is still a beautiful country I used to live there, Best scenery in the world for the ultimate survivor buy a big dog or a gun when you get there preferably both.

4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are quite right

If they dont care about the police and these are their own state employees then wy care about the rest of the public. There have been more police men killed in the so called peaceful democracy in the 10 yeards following ANC election in 1995 than the state of emergency before the 10 year period when violence was spiraling out of control. So it is worse now than then and then it was unacceptable and there had to be change.

This is a one way ticket down.

Examples Lucky Dube a Reggae music legend is killed in a violent hijacking everyone says he is sorry and does nothing crocodile tears.

Violent gun battle between police and criminals on the south coast by criminals stealing pension money, will be headlines and nothing more.Police killed

Doctor slain in violent robbery nothing more will result.

South African Pilots are the highest paid in the world but they are leaving the country Why Crime and no safety.

Regular Govt officials don't trust the police to the level that they have Military personel standing guard outside their private residences.What about the soccor fans and th eman in the street

Police stations are protected by private security companies.

There are hundreds of examples and the world cup authorities and the South African Government turns a blind eye. Who is paying who to keep quiet and suppress the information

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is all true. South-Africa is the crime capital of the world. And that's BLACK ON WHITE crime, 9999@1.

European soccer fans coming here in high spirit, with their Euro's, nice cellphones and camera's. will be easy pickings. They kill whites here, without even robbing them. Not just kill, BRUTAL TORTURE, lasting often right though the night before the person dies. In many of these cases NOTHING IS EVEN ROBBED - IT'S FOR PLEASURE.

I'm a white man still in South-Africa and I know where to go, when, and am always prepared for the worst. I've lived this way for many years. Europeans aren't used to this. They are naive and the savages here will take everything from them, lives and wives included, with no remorse. Blacks know no mercy - look at the history of Africa, Mugabe's treatment of whites being a good example. You will become just another in the long list of crime statistics, that will never be attended to. No one here cares for you, only your money.

Read the papers, and sites like to check for yourselves.

THe infra structure has also become 3rd world. No one can enjoy themselves with no police to efficiently help them, should something happen, or a hospital. What if your passport gets lost, most likely stolen? Our Home Affairs is in utter chaos, full of corruption. The roads are full of potholes, and there are daily power outages here, as in all African countries. The blacks got the country from the whites on a silver platter, and they have sucked it dry, giving back nothing.

If you are willing to take these extreme risks to watch a sports match, then there's really no hope for you. All these warnings are easily verifiable - please take them seriously.

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys Get Real

It is bad but not that bad. Try Zimbo or Nigeria then you are really talking.

As South Africans you must admit that we have the upper hand compared to the poor overseas guys. The country is beautiful even though there is a lot of KAK going on.

We survive as we have had to adapt or die. We have electric fences 8 foot walls security beams security company big dogs 2X and a few guns.

We know to look out for smash and Grab We dont go into dicy areas. We don't have to use Government Hospitals (would not go there even if the last place on earth a Vet is better) or education systems. We don't go to town but shop in Sandton or Fourways.

We look for the danger signs. So we loose a bit of sleep and keep the firearm close if the dogs bark a bit much at night and keep the panic button ready to call security in case.

The poor visitors it is going to be a seal clubbing. Imagine that hundreds of tourists with euros and none the wiser for the SA Criminals.

This we must see. It wont be fair on them but we will have it easy for a time as the focus will be off us guys.

2:39 PM  
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