Monday, September 11, 2006

Blatter says World Cup should not end on penalty kicks

Update here.

In discussion his desire to get Zidane and Materazzi together for a hug, FIFA boss Sepp Blatter said "the World Cup should not end with a red card, added that it also should not end with penalty kicks.

"But we have no other solution," Blatter said. "But we will find one."

"Penalties take out the essence of soccer as a team sport and it becomes one-on-one," the FIFA chief said.

I'm not sure what Blatter means by having no other solution since the obvious one would be let them play, but I guess I'm not paid the presidential money, so I don't really know.

The fact that Blatter is talking about this probably means nothing will change, but who knows, maybe something will come of it all.

Anyway, the other big news is the Blatter's desire for a hug between the head-butter and the head-buttie. Okay, a hug might be a little much, but FIFA does want to get the two back together again. Blatter said, "All relationships go through difficult times, but these two kids just have something. If I didn't do everything I could do to get these crazy kids back together, how could I really call myself 'president' of anything."*

He feels that if these two have a public display of reconciliation, this event will be over. It seems to me the event is already over and that having such a meeting would only bring it back, but again, I'm not paid the presidential money. Maybe there are millions out there wondering what would happen if you got the two back together in a room again. What about in an elevator? The world waits to find out more.

* this quote might not be accurate


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