Friday, September 08, 2006

Atlanta wins, currently in sixth playoff spot

The Atlanta Silverbacks started their three game road trip off with a 2-0 win over the Portland Timbers, moving them into the sixth playoff spot for now. Miami FC has a chance to clinched their spot tonight when they play the Puerto Rico Islanders (8pm ET on Fox Soccer Channel).

Here is the new table:

y Montreal2750
x Rochester2646
x Charleston2745
x Vancouver2640
Puerto Rico2634

x - clinched playoff spot
y - clinched one of the top two spots, earning a bye in the first round of the playoffs
All teams play 28 matches

Here is the schedule again:
Miami and Puerto Rico play on Friday and Sunday in Puerto Rico
Atlanta plays Seattle on Saturday and Vancouver on Sunday. Both are road matches
Seattle plays Vancouver on the road tonight and Atlanta on Saturday.

Here are the scenarios:
At least one and possible both Miami and Puerto Rico will make the playoffs. If Miami gets one point from their two matches, they are in, however, they can get no points and still make it if Seattle and Atlanta do no better then a tie in both of their remaining matches.

Puerto Rico can advance with two victories or one victory as long as Seattle and Atlanta do no better then a tie in both of their remaining matches. They can also advance with two ties provided that Atlanta and Seattle tie their head-to-head match, but lose their other match.

Atlanta can advance with two wins or one win and a tie. If they beat Vancouver but lose to Seattle, they can advance as long as Seattle loses to Vancouver and Puerto Rico loses at least one game or ties both of them.

Seattle can get a playoff spot with two wins or a win and a tie if Atlanta and Puerto Rico do no better then two ties. If Seattle gets just one win, they can advance if that win is against Atlanta and Atlanta then ties or loses to Vancouver and Puerto Rico does no better then two ties.

Lots of fun stuff to think about.

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