Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No more penalty kicks in World Cup, top clubs are immoral

Everybody's favorite current President of FIFA Sepp Blatter does not want penalty kicks in any more World Cup games. His possible solutions are a replay or a gradual deducting of players in extra time.

'Maybe to replay the match if it's the final, you can't do that through the tournament because of lack of time. Maybe to take players away and play golden goal,' Blatter said, adding that high-level discussions would start soon.

As much as a replay would be nice, I don't think this is realistic, even in the earlier stages of the knockout phase. Teams only have 3-5 days between knockout matches, so playing two games in 24 hours at the top level seems a little extreme. Not to mention the problems of scheduling telecasts of matches. And you always have to look at the extreme. What happens if the second match also ends in a tie? It just doesn't seem reasonable.

Then there is the idea of removing players. I don't know, it just doesn't seem right to me. Soccer is a game of 11 in 11. Odds are midfielders would be taken off first, meaning there would be more long balls. I think it would just be sloppy.

My idea, for what it is worth, is to keep playing 15-minute overtime periods while giving each team an extra sub per OT period. This allows coaches to get exhausted players off the pitch and rewards teams with deeper benches.

Blatter also thinks the top clubs in the World are immoral.

Blatter also took a swipe at the high salaries paid to footballers, calling them immoral, and said FIFA would take on the issue as clubs - particularly in England but also in other major European leagues - price spectators out of stadiums in order to pay huge wage bills.

'It is not moral, it is definitely not good for our sport,' he said. 'They pay too much money to the players. There is an imbalance in their finances and they try to get money by all means.'

Isn't it interesting to hear Sepp Blatter talk about people being immoral for bringing in as much money as they can to their organization. I seem to recall Blatter praising the money FIFA brought thanks to this year's World Cup and talking about South Africa 2010 already being a bigger success on the financial side of things.

He is right, there is too much money in world football, but if he's going to complain, maybe he should stop doing it himself. Also, if he is going to talk about people being immoral, maybe he should call out the thiefs that surround him before passing judgments on others.

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