Thursday, August 03, 2006

Turkey's match fixing scandal

It might not get the press of Italy's 'fix all the matches you want for a slap on the wrist' scandal, but Turkey's first division is suffering through some tough times of it's own.

Last month, the federation probed an allegation of match-fixing that involved three players being offered a bribe to throw a match that would decided which team was relegated. However, the probe has ended, but not because there was nothing wrong, instead it was because 'Turkey's laws have no provisions that would allow (the prosecutor's office) to bring charges.'

However, a new probe has been launched to see if an official offered to fix a game last season to help a team avoid relegation.

Along with this latest investigation, the federation introduced new rules designed to crack down on match fixing. These new penalties include banning officials for two-years and relegating clubs.

MLS has many problems, but I'm proud to say match fixing is not one of them.


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