Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Dream is Over - LA ends Roma's run

LA Galaxy 2-0 Dallas Roma FC

The game might have been played near Hollywood, but there would be no Hollywood ending for Dallas Roma as the amateur side saw there Open Cup run come to an end.

From match reports it sounds like the game went just the way you would expect a professional vs amateur match to go. Roma played with 10-men behind the ball while hoping to catch LA sleeping on a counter-attack. For the Galaxy, they took their time picking away at Dallas and used their superior talent to take the day.

Still, only losing by 2 to last year's MLS Champs and Cup winners is very respectable. Roma did have a couple chances on goal, but just could not beat the much better LA side.

Roma might not continue on, but they are forever in the history books as they are the only amateur side to beat a pro team (Chivas). This playing has also raised their profile, so hopefully they will have an easier time finding fields to practice on and sponsors to support them.

If you are interested in helping them cover some of the $7500 they personal coughed up for this trip, you can donate at their website.


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