Tuesday, August 01, 2006

DC beats Crew to advance to Open Cup Quarterfinals

DC United 2-1 Columbus Crew

It sounded like it was a hot one in Maryland, but few United fans will complain as their head back to the nation's capital with a win. Chad Marshall put Columbus up in the 18th minute and took the fans out of it for a bit. For this post, a bit is just 4-minutes as Jaime Moreno got tied the game up off a Christian Gomez assist.

The Crew seemed to start playing for penalty kicks around the 40th minute, and for a long time it worked. However, in the first period of overtime, Jamil Walker was able to break down Columbus's defense, with help from Gomez. The Crew put up a good counter attack during the final 10 minutes of the game, but luck was not with them as they hit the bars twice.

With the win, DC United moves on to the quarterfinals of the Open Cup and will host the winner of the New York-Wilmington game.



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