Monday, July 31, 2006

Cindy Parlow retires from international soccer

Cindy Parlow (pictured) has not played for the women's team since Dec. 8, 2004, so news of her retirement does not come as a huge surprise. Still, it is a loss on par with Brian McBride's retirement from the men's team.

Parlow was the youngest player to reach 100 international caps, win a goal medal and a Women's World Cup. Along with Mia Hamm, she was a huge scoring threat for the team (in fact, she is second on the all-time hat trick list. Hamm is first). Sadly, her playing days were cut short by continuious injuries to her back and head.

Parlow was an amazing player and all her hard work on the pitch will be missed.


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I'm trying to e-mail Cindy Parlow about my daughter's future in soccer v. volleyball. Do you have an e-mail address or any way to contact her? Thanks, Johnboy

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