Friday, August 04, 2006

More about Freddy Adu

How far has Freddy Adu's and Peter Nowak's relationship come in a year? Far enough that they now joke around in hotel lobbies together.

The one and only Grant Wahl has a one-on-one with Freddy where is talks about everything from tomorrow's All-Star game (6:30pm ET, EPSN) to what he thought about the US performance in the World Cup to how his car accident last month.

As far as the All-Star pick, he feels he earned this one, unlike the one in his first year. Also, if there was any question about if Adu will play for the US team or Ghana, he said this when discussing the US, "I think we'll do better the next time around." We includes he that is Freddy. Finally, he mentions Bobby Boswell a number of times in the piece. It seems that they are a good friendship developing.

If you want to keep up on the going-ons of MLS's most famous teenager, it is one not to be missed.



Anonymous bdr said...

There was a NYT article about Freddy this past Friday covering some of the same ground:

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