Thursday, May 25, 2006

World Cup News - May 25

The cup is coming on fast, so let us not delay. On to the news.

England goalkeeper Robert Green has been ruled out of the cup after rupturing his groin in his side's 2-1 defeat by Belarus earlier today.

Chelsea and Spain defender Asier Del Horno is a doubt for the World Cup after injuring his leg in training.

Serbia and Montenegro striker Mirko Vucinic may miss Germany due to a knee injury.

Coach Guus Hiddink has said that Liverpool star Harry Kewell might be benched or dropped from the Australian roster all together if his fitness does not improve.

Brazilian striker Adriano says that he is feeling fine and ready for a great cup.

Ghana arrived in Germany today plus they found out that midfielder Michael Essien has recovered from a toe injury and will be available for their warm-up match against Turkey tomorrow.

Italy's goalkeeper and outstanding betting machine Gianluigi Buffon will be allowed to play in the World Cup. Buffon should be warned, FIFA has signed agreements with bookmakers to share information about suspicious betting during the tournament in order to stop any match fixing.

Barcelona and Cameroon striker, Samuel Eto’o, believes an African team can win the World Cup in Germany.

Man U and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo wants to use his time at the finals to prove just how great he is.

Trinidad & Tobago are getting ready to shock the world and prove that even small nations can win big prizes (note: Jack Warner gets 60% of any price they win).

Juergen Klinsmann wants to become the new Franz Beckenbauer, who claimed the World Cup title for Germany as a player and a coach.

German police have again announced their plans to step up patrols during the cup in order to dampen concerns over racist violence and hooliganism.

Police in the UK are giving out some good advice of their own; if you are going to Germany, stay away from prostitutes, if you are staying home, don't beat your wife. Hopefully men will use this advice during and after the cup.

A German Muslim website is giving some advice of their own as they are exhorted Muslim football supporters to not be provoked by right-wingers and to show the world that their religion is a peaceful one.

Something that might not be as peaceful, at least for your stomach, is the McMassive burger McDonalds plans on selling during the finals. They say it will be 40% larger then the current Big Mac, which has 560 calories and weighs around 280g.

Fresh off his time on American Idol, Simon Cowell has said an English tune titled "Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Jurgen Klinsmann?" is dreadfully brilliant.

Another major world even, means another e-mail worm.

By the way, a study says the World Cup will be a 'drain on bandwidth' has most companies do not plan on blocking worker's internet access to sites covering the event.

Another drain out there, but this one is one most reasonable people, is a new play in Hamburg that has Hitler dreaming of hosting a World Cup to improve Germany's image.

Pubs in England are hoping to see sales lift by 10% as people drink to celebrate or commiserate.

Still, some wonder if the World Cup has become too commercial. Perhaps these folks can talk with the protesters at the July 9th anti-soccer rally in Berlin. Sadly they will not be able to smash "Ollie K" and "Michael B" branded vibrators during the march as they are no longer available for sale.

Still looking for things to do while you are in Germany, but not at a match, here are some ideas.

Finally, here are the latest odds given to clubs by UK's Casino Times. So you know, Brazil is 9/4, England 7/1, Mexico 50/1 and the USA 80/1.

Finally, if you are looking for a good World Cup office pool idea, you can find one over at Soccer Orb.

15 days till kickoff...


Anonymous Susan said...

Hi Mike, Thanks for letting everyone know about the office pool. Let's hope that a little friendly betting gets a few more of our compatriots interested in soccer--as long as it doesn't approach Buffon-like proportions. Btw, in 2002 an Italian-American friend informed me that his name means "clown!"
Well, my worries about Essien (even Ghana makes me uneasy in our awful group) are overshadowed by the whole McDonald's thing! Too funny--at first I thought you were making it up. Would anyone actually eat one of those McMassive things instead of some wurst and a tall stein of beer? Go figure.

8:48 AM  

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