Thursday, May 25, 2006

MLS Midweek 9 Recap

In front of a crowd of 52,000, FC Dallas got their first road win of the year in the Medowlands. What makes this advanture all that more fun is the way in which it happened.

FCD got off to a very slow start wich allowed New York to control and score. In just the 8th minute Seth Stammler got in a one on one with Dallas goalkeeper Dario Sala. As is often the case, the keeper lost. New York had some more chances for the next 15 minutes or so, but then Dallas woke up.

Over the corse of the final 20 minutes of the first half, FCD went from giving away most of their balls to winning just about everything. They were making their passes and winning challenges. The midfield was awash with gray striped uniforms, but they still could not get an eualizier.

The second half continued were the first ended, but it really was not till Carlos Mendes went out for New York in the 65th that Dallas started making things very uncomfrontable in New York's box. When Mendes's replacement Taylor Graham got a yellow card just two minutes later for a tackle from behind on Carlos Ruiz, it only made things harder on the Reds.

Sure enough, in the 76th minute Dallas pulled even thanks to a perfectly placed ball by Ronnie O'Brien. O'Brien was at the top of the box and but in a nice high cross that Kenny Cooper jetted home with his head. It was a real blast of a header.

New York had a couple chances following the goal, but nothing came of them. Then Carlos Ruiz provided yet another highlight reel moment when he threw Graham off him by turning to his right then going back right, leaving himself wideopen infront of goal. Bing-bang a goal and a win.

Coming from behind on the road with such style is yet another reason why FC Dallas might just be for real this year. Yes, they only beat New York, but it was still a well earned victory. By the way, some good news for the Red Bulls, Tony Meola was back in goal and looked good for most of the evening.

One last night, Ecuador played Colombia to a 1-1 tie in the match that followed the MLS outing.


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