Wednesday, May 24, 2006

MLS Week 8 Power Ratings

It's been a few weeks since I have done a ratings and this one feels a little strange to me. Maybe it's that I missed most of two weeks of play or maybe it’s that I can't believe how bad or good some clubs are currently doing, but it is what it is. Here are the ratings.

1. FC Dallas - All over the field, they seem to be making it happen and now that their defense is a bit more predictable and their goaltender is proven, FCD seem ready to make 2006 the year they have always waited for.

2. DC United - As with Dallas, they are doing well at just about every position, but their defense seems to be having a little trouble the last couple weeks. Pull that back together and to the top they will probably go.

3. Chicago Fire - I really enjoy watching the Fire play. It's not the most creative soccer in the world, but they blend a strong defense with a knowledgeable offense to make some good play happen. As long as they do not relax once they get back home, they will be a major force in the East.

4. Kansas City Wizards - Without their Wolff-Johnson striking pair, this team is a bit flat. They still have talent, but without players to draw the defense, they are having troubles finding the net.

5. Houston Dynamo - Could the Texas heat be starting to wear on these former San Jose quakes? They often seem tired and without Brian Ching, their offense if having trouble. However, as long as Dwayne De Rosario is doing alright, the Dynamo have a chance.

6. New England Revolution - Boom, they wake up with 7 goals in 2 matches and then, sleepy time. They have trouble starting games and finding a rhythm and anytime you give up 4 goals in 20-minutes, you've got some defensive problems.

7. Columbus Crew - Now that they have some offensive power, the Crew are making other teams play a few 90-minutes. Now they just need make their midfield stronger.

8. New York Red Bull - What to say about a team that is constantly able to get a point from matches where they are out played? And now that they have actually won a game, who knows where they could go. Still, getting out played week after week is going to take its toll sooner or later.

9. Colorado Rapids - The Rapids have not looked like themselves over the last 3 games as they have actually been able to win a couple of them. However, if goalkeeper Joe Cannon remains out with injury, their recently improved offense might not be enough to make up for what will happen to their defense.

10. Real Salt Lake - I still cannot believe that they have won 2 games in a row. The team looks like they have kicked the 1 goal per game curse plus their defense actually appears to be talking with one another. Keep this up and they might just break into the single digits in this rating system.

11. Los Angeles Galaxy - It just feels weird putting LA this low on the list, but not as weird as their play on the pitch. When you have no offense, it's hard to win a game. Add to it a defense that is scattered and you have the current Galaxy.

12. Chivas USA - Chivas looked to be progressing nicely the first few weeks of the season, but all that progress is now forgotten as the team cannot bring anything aspect of their game together for a full match.


Anonymous J. Michael said...

You have rightly place FCD at the top of the list, but I wonder whether they might have a mid-season collapse a la last year.

12:01 PM  

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