Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Is Red Bull New York about to get a new coach?

Goal.com is reporting that Juventus manager Fabio Capello has been offered the head coaching job in New York. With Juventus quickly becoming the perfect example of all that is wrong with modern soccer, Capello might just see New York as a safe haven from which to decide his next move.

Reports suggest Mateschitz is prepared to offer Capello a one-year contract in the area of $5 million, plus a Manhattan apartment and limousine service.

It would be nice to see a manager of Capello's caliber come into the league, but it will be sad to see Mo Johnston go. To be honest, it is surprising that Mo has lasted this long. He has tried to rebuild the team, but with the constant shakeups and confusion going on through out the club, it is not an easy thing to do.

The article speculates that one not so obvious reason Capello might take the job is the chance that it could lead him to being named US national team coach. He has all the other credentials needed to get the job, now he just needs to figure out the American way of doing things.


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