Wednesday, May 24, 2006

MLS Week 9 Predictions - Midweek

Tonight, MLS give us another Wednesday night game with FC Dallas taking to the road to play New York Red Bull.

New York Red Bull vs. FC Dallas
6:30pm ET
TV: Direct Kick, MLStv, FSN-SW
Radio: New York - WADO 1280am (Spanish), Dallas - KXEB 910am, KFCD 990am (Spanish), San Antonio - KTXX 103.5fm, Austin - KOKE 1600am

This past Saturday, these two teams scored 9 goals between the two of them, however the Red Bulls managed to concede 4 to FCD's 0. This should explain why FCD will win this game.

New York's best chance in this match is if Tony Meola has recovered enough from his calf strain to get between the posts and protect their goal. Anything short of that and Dallas will have an easy time of it. Carlos Ruiz has rediscovered his scoring touch for the men from big D, plus they also bring the threat of Kenny Cooper. Adding to it all, their midfield is one of the best in the league and even their defense is starting to look sharp.

For the Bulls, Jean Philippe Peguero is their big offensive standout (but that is not saying much for a team that only had 5 goals after 6 matches). If Dallas can control him, then they will only need to worry about Amado Guevara, if he is even included in the squad. If they do allow a few shots threw, Dario Sala should be able to keep New York off the big board.

There is no reason FCD should lose this game. They are far better then New York on the pitch and their front office is very quiet compared to that of the Reds. Look for a Dallas win and for New York's coach Mo Johnson to come one game closer to his departure from the club.

Me: NY 0-2 FCD
Wife: NY 1-2 FCD


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