Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bayern Munich announces roster for Saturday's Red Bull match

The champions of the German Bundesliga will be in New York on Saturday to take on the Red Bulls. They announced their 14-man roster earlier today.

Goalkeepers: Bernd Dreher

Defenders: Bixente Lizarazu, Georg Niedermeier, Stephan Fuerstner

Midfielders: Sebastian Deisler, Jens Jeremies, Andreas Ottl, Hasan Salihamidzic, Mehmet Scholl, Markus Steinhofer, Rainer Storhas

Forwards: Roy Makaay, Claudio Pizarro, Paulo Guererro

Makaay was the team's best scorer this past season with 17 while Pizarro found the net 14 times.

Lizarazu will get to spend some time with an old from has both he and Red Bulls' midfielder Youri Djorkaeff were on the 1998 French squad that won the World Cup.

These two teams played each other back in May of 2001 with New York pulling out a surprise victory.


In other 'international clubs coming to America' news, the USL's Seattle Sounders announced that they will play Mexico's Club America on July 8th in Seattle.

Tickets are on sale for $20-45, and the first 5,000 fans in attendance will receive a complimentary general admission ticket to the Sounders next USL First Division home match against the Montreal Impact on July 15th.


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