Thursday, October 20, 2005

Liverpool's Djibril Cisse smacks a 15-year-old

I don't know why, but typing that title made my chuckle

Djibril Cisse has admitted to smacking the child after he pulled a bit of a prank on the star. Basically the kid came up to Cisse and acted like he wanted to shake his hand. When Cisse put out his hand, the kid pulled his hand away and then thumbed his nose at him.

Cisse did not find this very funny and smacked the kid.

Anyway, Cisse has accepted a police caution for the assault. I'm guessing the kid is going to get some sort of settlement as well.

So let this be a warning, don't make the French the foils of your practical jokes unless you want a few up the side of your head.


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