Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Is Freddy ready to say adieu to DC U?

It seems that everyone's favorite 16-year-old MLS player is not happy with his playing time in DC.

The Washington Post reports that Freddy went to the press about his frustration concerning his lack of minutes.

"It's funny because I've been playing so well in practice," he said. "I felt so good at training, but come game time, I'm sitting on the bench. I'm just like, 'Man, it [stinks].' That's the kind of thing that is out of your hands. You can't really do anything about it. It's out of your control. All you can control is you and what you do. It [stinks] that I'm in this situation. You just have to swallow your pride and be a team player.

"It's frustrating at times when you think you've earned a chance to play on the field and you're over there sitting on the bench. That's not the kind of player I am. I'm the kind of player who wants to be out there on the field and needs to contribute every minute of every game. I'm not saying I should play 90 minutes every single game, but I am saying that I should definitely play a lot more than I've gotten to play. That's me, that's the bias side of a pro athlete."

At $550,000 a year, he is an expensive bench warmer, but as Coach Peter Nowak said, "We give everybody a fair chance. We have players who play on the U.S. national team who sometimes don't play on our team."

Freddy has looked better this season then last, but I'm not sure if he has earned a regular starting position. However, part of me not being sure is that I have not seen him play enough to say that he is ready.

One little problem I have with one of Freddy's statements, he was never going to play in the 2006 World Cup, so saying that his lack of minutes has hurt his chances at a national spot are off base (maradawga and I see eye to eye on this one. Freddy is just not at that level yet. If he keeps playing the way he is, he will be ready for 2010, but now is just too early.

One last note, Freddy says that he is open to the idea of moving to another club. I think this might just be tough talk, but it could make for a very interesting off-season. Freddy would bring just about any team a good attacker plus a bunch of free PR.


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