Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Champions League Scores - Live Report

AC Milan 0-0 PSV (FT)
Anderlecht 0-1 Liverpool (FT)
Chelsea 4-0 Real Betis (FT)
FC Porto 2-0 Inter Milan (FT)

Fenerbahce 3-3 Schalke 04 (FT)
Lyon 2-1 Olympiacos (FT)
Rangers 0-0 Artmedia Bratislava (FT)
Real Madrid 4-1 Rosenborg (FT)

Comments during matches
Real Madrid is down a goal even though they have controled the ball for 70+% of the match and have out shot Rosenborg 15 to 4.

Update: Chelsea is looking good, but Real Betis is looking better then I thought they would. They have had some chances, but Chelsea is just overwhelming them. The second goal right before the half might just be enough to win this one.

AC Milan has looked great, but can not finish. They have controled the ball about 65% of the first half and have out shot PSV 9-2, but they can not find the net.

Update 2: Jonathan Woodgate gets the goal for Real Madrid to tie the game in the 48th.

Update 3: Liverpool are lucky as their keeper came out to clear a ball but his kick ended up right at the feet of Anderlecht's Jestrovic about 30 yeards out. Liverpool's Josemi put a great tackle on him to stop the goal into the empty net.

Update 4: Schalke 04 have come out of nowhere to get 2 goals in 3 minutes.

Chelsea are running away with their match.

Update 5: Real Madrid are in full control of their game. Rosenborg put a scare into them, but they seem to be over that now.

Update 6: Liverpool have gone into pure defensive mood.

Fenerbahce was able to tie the match Ferriera Nobre, but Kevin Kuranyi has put Schalke 04 back on top just 6 minutes later.

Update 7: Fenerbahce has tied it up again thanks to a strike by Stephan Appiah. They are scoring faster then I can report them.

Update 8: Beckham has just got Real Madrid's fourth on the night.

Olympiacos has tied up their match with Lyon thanks to Pantelis Kafes's right footed shot from outside the box.

Update 9: Sidney Govou gets a goal from the center of the box to put Lyon back on top.

Good night for Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Lyon and PSV. Bad night for the teams they played. I am a bit surprised that AC Milan was not able to get a result. They controlled this match and out shot PSV 27 to 6! I'm also a little surprised that the Rangers only got a goalless tie. Not shocked, but I thought they would do a bit better.


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