Friday, September 28, 2007

MLS Expansion - St. Louis group already working on youth development

Jeff Cooper of St. Louis Soccer United (SLSU) doesn't have a MLS team yet but he is already working on youth development. He did this by bringing the three main your soccer organizations in the area together to form one club that will be affiliated with the MLS team.

"These three clubs represent the cream of the crop in St. Louis soccer," Cooper said. "They've done a great job at allowing every kid who walks through the door a great education, not only in soccer, but in life."

The consolidation allows them to share resources such as soccer fields and training facilities.

"Sharing our resources is a huge benefit," said Dale Schilly, director of Metro United Soccer. Schilly said with one large club, coaches will be able match teams of equal skill rather players of multiple ability within a single team. Cooper said that will keep kids from getting discouraged and giving up on the sport.

They might not have a team yet, but SLSU is already helping the area improve the sport.

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