Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2007 MLS Week 25 Power Ratings

Another week and things are all pretty equal. First tier is still DC and Chivas while the rest sort themselves out. No big surprise that these ratings match the standings very closely.

Anyway, here are the ratings:

1. DC United (Last week - 1) - The team continues to roll on. Even when they get outplayed, they find ways of making things work. You need to play perfect to top United and at this point no one is doing that.

2. Chivas USA (2) - The calmest team in the whole league. Go up a goal on them and they don't fall apart, instead they push their way into position and create. What a different side this is from the Chivas of July.

3. New England Revolution (3) - Reis is back and Twellman is looking strong but they still offer the opposition a few too many chances. If the Revs want to top DC, they need to close teams down in the midfield not at the goal line.

4. Houston Dynamo (4) - The Dynamo had their last week off till their season ends. Can their defense keep the season from ending till Nov. 18?

5. New York Red Bull (6) - With Reyna, Doe, Angel and Altidore, they have all the basics they need to push, but they always seem to make things harder for themselves then they need to be. If they can stay healthy and if Waterreus stays strong in front of net, they could be the shock of the playoffs, but that is a lot of ifs.

6. FC Dallas (5) - Who would have thought that a week that had the team at home against Chicago and on the road against LA, that they would only get one point. This team is just not clicking. They play an odd messy style where they just happen to win the ball a bit more then they lose it. Add that to poor outbursts by players and really nothing being added by the DP Denilson and you have a bad situation. Still, few teams can come back late like Dallas can.

7. Kansas City Wizards (7) - The Wizards like to flip-flop between great defense and nothing up top and wonderful attacking with nothing in the back. If they can get the right mix, they will surprise, but I don't think it is going to happen.

8. Chicago Fire (8) - So many points gone late. They had FCD where they wanted them but couldn't kill off the game. They had DC United where they wanted them but made a little error that cost them. If they had got those points, they would be challenging KC for the seventh spot instead of Columbus for the eighth.

9. Columbus Crew (10) - The skill level of the Crew is much improved as they can go more then two passes without losing the ball but they are still a little weak with their final bite. Fix that and they could wink past a slumping Chicago.

10. Colorado Rapids (9) - Is there passion in this team? If so, why can't they ever show it on the pitch. What a sad turn for a club that could offer so much.

11. Real Salt Lake (11) - Unlike Colorado, Real has shown some passion of late. Is it the new management, the new talent or the fear of no job next year? Who cares as whatever the reason, it is finally causing the team to pressure.

12. Toronto FC (13) - They finally get a goal but their defense deprives them of any points. I still think that unlike LA, they actual stand a chance of beating any team on any given day, so that's why they are above the Galaxy.

13. Los Angeles Galaxy (12) - Alright, they got a win; their second of September, but I don't think it would have happened without FCD going down a man. There is no flow to this team and their defense is still the punch line of the league.

And with that, week 25 exists the stage.

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Blogger Allen said...

At this point I'd put RSL above the Rapids in the power rankings.

Fire Clavijo!

5:41 PM  
Blogger Mike H said...

Allen, I was real close to doing just that, but I want to give them one more game.

So will Clavigo be fired the day after their final match or will they hold out till after the MLS Cup?

Maybe they can get Klinsmann to replace ;).

9:42 AM  
Blogger pate said...

funny, I was thinking about swapping Colorado and RSL in my rankings as well, but also thought I'd better wait one more week.

5:32 PM  

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