Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some guys have all the luck, then there is Bobby Convey

US national and Reading winger Bobby Convey finally looked ready to challenge for a club roster spot after spending most of last season healing from injury, but then his lucked turned bad, again.

During training today, Convey 'tweaked something right at the top of his leg' and looks very unlikely for this Saturday's match against Portsmouth. This comes two days after he scored a Carling Cup goal against Liverpool.

I really like Convey but for some reason I fear that he might be the current version of John O'Brien (a very talented player who never reaches his best due to injuries). Perhaps I'm reading too much into what could be a minor injury but with Reading needing some serious help, it looked like Convey had a great chance of earning minutes. I just hope this knock doesn't keep him from getting that time.

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