Monday, September 24, 2007

Want to own a pro soccer team? It just takes $100

Admit it, at some point in your life you thought about owner a profession soccer team, but with the millions it takes to get involved with the MLS and billions it takes to be a player overseas, you never thought it would happen. But wait, if you have an extra $100, your dream can come true.

Last year there was a great deal of excitement when San Francisco was awarded a USL-First Division team. Even better yet, Dmitry Piterman, chairman of Spanish club Deportivo Alavésk, was announced as owner, making the California Victory the 'first European owned team to compete in any level of the United Soccer Leagues.'

However, this past July, Piterman sold his interest in Deportivo Alavésk and the new owners are not that interested in keeping their American outlet.

Thus enters the California Victory Supporters Association who is trying to keep their team in San Francisco. Their goal, raise $2 million dollars via the sale of 20,000 shares for $100 each, thus making the Victory the first ever fan-owned pro soccer team in the US.

So what are the reasons to think this might work?
1) The Victory will be on sale for cheap (maybe as cheap as $1)
2) Huge fan-base because of huge owner base. The merchandise, sponsorship and shirt sponsorship will be good.
3) Media coverage because of this novel idea of ownership.
4) With the right marketing, the team can average 3000-4000 to break even.
5) Soccer fans around San Francisco would be more involved if they also own part this team.
6) Kezar stadium (10,000 capacity) is great for soccer
Convinced yet or at least a little curious? If so, you can find more at Save the Victory. Having a team owned by the fans would be a very fun turn for the sport.

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