Thursday, September 27, 2007

MLS Expansion - Seattle gets a team!

Major League Soccer is coming to Seattle starting in 2009!

According to Ives Galarcep, the league will announce Seattle as their 15th team in two-weeks. As part of the move, the USL First Divison's Seattle Sounders will stop playing after this Saturday's championship match against the Atlanta Silverbacks (the link says Puerto Rico but that is who the Sounders beat to get to the final). As if the championship game wasn't enough to get fans going, now they will also be saying farewell to their much beloved club (at least in its current form).

The franchise fee is expected to be around $30 million and the ownership group will involve the owners of the Sounders. No word on the stadium status.

Congratulations to Seattle on earning a team, but does this mean the Portland Timbers new main rival is the Vancouver Whitecaps?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm not sure seattle was the main rival to portland. seattle and vancouver were equally rivals. it's just that the blood between portland and seattle was particularly bad. and the apparent presumption on the part of the owners of the new seattle mls club that everyone in the pacnorwest will support the seattle team is very wrong -- at least as far as portland is concerned.

it really is too bad that the investment potential of seattle outweighed the fan support of portland. seattle will not be the next toronto, that's for sure. in fact, since they'll be playing in qwest stadium at least for a while, they may be the new kansas city.

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