Monday, August 06, 2007

2007 MLS Week 18 Recap or where did all the goals go?

Maybe it was the heat or maybe the league was a little down from the lack of Beckham playing time, but whatever it was, it sure did keep the goals on the light end. The good news, even with so few goals, a number of these matches were still entertaining. Plus, anytime you see the both conference leaders beat, well there is some joy in that.

Anyway, here is the league by numbers 117 games into the season:
SeasonWeek 18
Att per game14,94715,373
Goals per game2.5731.16
Inter-conferenceEast 20-16-17Tie 0-0-1
Ties31 (26.5%)2 (33.3%)

Columbus Crew 0-0 Chicago Fire
The Fire just cannot catch a break. Yet another big attendance number and they just can't make anything happen. It is clear Blanco still has some goodness in him but with so little happening up top, his talent is wasted. Maybe once Wanchope settles, this will change, but for now, with Pickens loose hands in front of goal, the Fire are lucky to have a point from this one.
Attendance: 20,358

Colorado Rapids 0-1 FC Dallas
The Rapids came out hot and heavy but some how Dallas and new keeper Ray Burse held. Even after FCD went up a goal, Colorado looked the better side, however they couldn't get a ball on frame to save their life. Dallas did calm things down in the second half and were able to ride out the storm thanks to the work of Burse.
Goal: FCD: Drew Moor (2) 31'
Attendance: 12,820

Houston Dynamo 0-1 Real Salt Lake
Houston looked tired but that takes nothing away from Real who played their best match of the year. From start to finish, Salt Lake was running at Houston and forcing them to stop them, which the Dynamo were doing until an odd defensive mistake cost them the game. Robbie Findley picked up a poor handle by Wade Barrett and brought pure joy to the loyal fans.
Goal: RSL: Robbie Findley (5) 84'
Attendance: 13,003

DC United 3-0 New England Revolution
United was the only SuperLiga club to not look exhausted on the pitch. DC owned most of this match and everything was falling their way, as evidenced by their first goal. When Michael Parkhurst went off in the 37', the hope of NE controlling the middle of the field and getting back in the match ended.
Goals: Josh Gros (1) 22', Luciano Emilio (11) 31', (12) 76'
Attendance: 12,618

Los Angeles Galaxy 0-0 Toronto FC
Welcome to LA where we don't like to waste time playing offense. Watching this match was like watching the US national team in Germany. One lone striker up top getting destroyed by the defense, a midfield that can't control a ball for more then two passes and a worthless Landon Donovan. I don't want to pick on the team, but it is hard not to when they play so lazy out there. At no point did anyone try to break forward to allow for a quick outlet pass for a counter. Instead, they took their time and allowed TFC to swarm back and own every ball. The fact that LA was not humiliated says a lot about goalkeeper Joe Cannon and their improving backline. For Toronto, there is no excuse to not get a goal when you dominate a match like that.
Attendance: 20,522

With less then half the season remaining, it is time to look at the playoff picture. With only eight points between the top and final playoff spot, I'm sure these will change, but if the season ended today, these would be the first round match ups:
Houston - Columbus
New England - New York
FC Dallas - Chivas USA
Kansas City - DC United

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