Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Josh Gros's career is in jeopardy

During DC United's match against Columbus this past Saturday, Josh Gros suffered his second concussion of the season and some sources near the player are concerned "the career of the fourth-year midfielder-defender is in jeopardy and he should not play again this season."

The reason for the alarm is due to the way in which he is being harmed by contact with the ball as opposed to knocking heads with another player or hitting the ground.

"On Saturday, after heading the ball off his temple, he complained of blurred vision and was removed. He had a headache and vomited in the locker room. His symptoms subsided within 24 hours, but the club felt further evaluation was necessary."

If such comparatively light touches are causing this many problems, the fear is that he has suffered a much more serious injury then previously thought.

It is always horrible to see this sort of thing happen but oddly it seems to be happening more and more in MLS.

"It's so scary and it seems the last couple years there have been so many more," United midfielder Ben Olsen said. "I don't know what the cause of that is; maybe we are just more aware of the injury now and the science of it is better."

Whatever the cause, hopefully Gros will recover and return to the pitch soon.

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