Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2007 SuperLiga - Can DC smack LA again?

DC United vs. LA Galaxy
10pm ET/7pm PT - Los Angeles
TV: TeleFutura
Internet: Live on MLStv or SuperLiga website

From one coast to the next in less then a week and this time it's not just for three points. Everything points to DC running away with this one as the injury issue has only got worse for LA, but then there is Beckham. He wants to go at least 45-minutes and although he is not the savor, he is a game changer. The way he can pinpoint passes and free kicks could finally be what the Galaxy need. LA's biggest problem is their shocking ability to give away the ball in midfield, but that could change tonight.

United, on the other hand, has a healthy side and Fred is really looking amazing in the middle. Combine that with some good defense and an expanding playing area and you have a DC side on the rise. For United to beat LA for the second time in six days, they will need to force the issue. If Beckham is on the pitch, there is a good chance that almost every pass will be heading his way. If DC can exploit this known event, they could counter any positive it gives LA.

In the end, I think LA will play better then they have in a long time (not saying much), but United will be able to wait them out and get a win to advance to the $1 million final.
Predictions: Me DC 2-1 LA, Wife DC 3-0 LA

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