Wednesday, August 15, 2007

World Club Cup - more money and more teams

FIFA has changed a few things for this year's World Club Cup (Dec 7-16) as they have added an additional team and increased the prize money by $1 million.

In year's past, the six confederation winners were the only clubs to play in the finals, however, they have now added a place for the winner of the host nation's league. That winner will face the winner of the Oceania Confederation in a one-match playoff on the opening day of the tournament.

As far as prices, $16 million is now at stake. 'The champion will take home $5 million, the runner-up will net $4 million, and 3rd place $2.5 million. Fourth place will get $2 million, the two fifth-placed teams will receive $1 million and seventh place will earn $500,000.'

These figures might not be much for the top European sides but for the rest of the world, this could really change the direction of the clubs involved.

FIFA also decided that Japan would host next year's Cup, as it has since 2005, however, there will be open bidding for the 2009 version. Bidding for that event will begin in November.

Here is a rough schedule of the 2007 World Club Cup:
7 Dec - Game 1 - J League Winner (host nation) vs. Waitakere United (Oceania winner)

Quarter finals
9 Dec - Game 2 - CAF winner vs. Pachuca (Concacaf winner)
10 Dec - Game 3 - Game 1 winner vs. AFC winner

Semi finals
12 Dec - Game 4 - Game 2 winner vs. Boca Juniors (Conmebol winner)
13 Dec - Game 5 - Game 3 winner vs. AC Milan (UEFA winner)

16 Dec - Game 6 - Game 4 loser vs. Game 5 loser (Third place)
16 Dec - Game 7 - Game 4 winner vs. Game 5 winner (Final)

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