Saturday, August 04, 2007

Beckham out of Toronto FC match

Beckham has ruled himself out of tomorrow's match with Toronto FC.
"Today was the first time I've run and running straight forward is not a problem but turning corners is still a problem for me at the moment," Beckham told reporters after a morning practice session.

"I don't think I will be involved in the game tomorrow unfortunately," he added. "Unless there is a drastic change I won't be on the pitch tomorrow."
This is sure to ruffle some feathers in Toronto but probably not as many as it did in Dallas. In his interview concerning tomorrow's match, he did talk about the whole mess in Dallas: "I know I've been criticized for not appearing in Dallas but, like I said before, I'm here for five years not just this year."

ESPN2 will still carry the match tomorrow, however they might change the 30-minute pregame, which was going to focus around Beckham. However, the network will get another chance of televising Becks first match when they carry the LA-DC match live this Thursday.

Missing this match will probably give the league another black eye, however there is some good news as it looks like Beckham will not be called back to England to play a friendly against Germany later this month due to the injury.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

TFC has sold out every home game. People are there to see the team, not Beckham. I think this is a good move on his part, especially since over half of the 45,000 fans at RFK will be there specifically to see Becks play. Good news on the England friendly as well.

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