Friday, August 03, 2007

2010 World Cup News

It might seem like it is a long way away but there is still a great deal happening in preparation for 2010. Here is just some of the news about the biggest single sport event in the world.

The big news is that optimism in South Africa is growing that they will be ready to host the finals, with 70% now believing it will happen. However, only 52% think the country will be able to meet the electrical needs of the tournament.

The good vibrations are inspiring those in the marketing community to come up with a way to 'brand' Africa before the Cup, much the way Germany did with great success.

However, it looks like the environment will not be as big a part of the South African brand as it was for Germany as the new Green Point Stadium in Cape Town will not be very green after deciding not to implement any of the recommended environmentally friendly building techniques.

Also in environmental news, a court has delayed a case brought by the Cape Town Environmental Protection Association looking to move the above mentioned Green Point Stadium. They say a decision will be reached by August 13.

But the environment might not be the only thing harmed in 2010 as FIFA is looking to trademark a number of phrases related to the World Cup that some feel would interfere with constitutional freedom of the media. Some of the phrases are: 2010, twenty ten, drawings of the Fifa World Cup, Football World Cup, Soccer World Cup, Win in Africa, Football for a Better World and all names of the venue cities with the figure 2010.

If you will be in Johannesburg 2010™, expect a great airport experience followed by big traffic jams since the main highway in town is so busy that "..traffic moves so slowly that most employers do not mind if an employee arrives an hour late."

Maybe while you are in those jams you can enjoy one of South Africa’s many fine wines. In fact, if you learn enough about them, maybe you could become a sommelier as they are in short supply for the finals.

Tanzania might not be one of South Africa’s direct neighbors but they are hoping to gain from 2010™ as well as they will provide incentives to teams to train in country before heading down south.

Who knows, maybe one of those teams will be Iraq as the new Asian Cup winners are looking at 2010™ qualification as their next goal.

One of the teams Iraq might have to face is China who could hire their Olympic coach Ratomir Dujkovic to take over the senior squad after next year's Beijing Games. Dujkovic led Ghana in 2006.

But the team from Asia that looks to have the easiest path to South Africa™ is Australia as they have been seeded number 1 for qualifying meaning the Socceroos will get a bye to Round 3. With 4.5 spots available, they have to like their chances better then the old .5 spot allocated to former federation Oceania.

Australia is also looking for more soccer glory as they plan on bidding for both the 2015 Asian Cup and the 2018 World Cup.

Talking about 2018, a new FIFA rule might just help England land the tournament. FIFA™ looks likely to approve a rule that would require the World Cup be played in Europe once every 12 years. With 2010 in South Africa and 2014 in Brazil, well what do you know, FIFA would be 'forced' to land the finals in Europe.

Also working out for England is Franz Beckenbauer who said of 2018, "It has to come back to Europe and then England, of course, is the first choice to host the World Cup in 2018."

If this rule does pass (and I think it will), 2022 becomes the big battleground as everyone not in Europe could throw down a bid.

So there you have the World Cup news and remember just 1043 days till first kick 2010™...

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Thanks for the update. But FIFA can suck my ass if they want to copyright 2010 and the names of actual South African cities!

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