Tuesday, July 31, 2007

2007 MLS Week 17 Power Ratings

With a large portion of the league off from MLS play, there is not a great deal of moving on the list, but that will change soon. Here is the way I see the league this week.

1. Houston Dynamo (Last week - 1) - No MLS games this week but has played some nice minutes in the Superliga. As long as they are not tired from all the international games, they should have a good return to league play.

2. FC Dallas (2) - Another team taking a Superliga break. They are looking good as a squad but when are they ever going to get a call from the ref to go their way?

3. New England Revolution (3) - The Revs held their own in Salt Lake, but did not dominate that game even when up a man. Still, they did what needed to be done to get the win, so all is fine.

4. DC United (4) - Superliga experience has been good, but with all the hamstrings getting pulled, I've got to wonder what is happening in training?

5. Columbus Crew (6) - The Crew had a week off at the worst time as they are finally coming together. Will their midfield be able to hold up?

6. New York Red Bull (5) - As teams have figured out their offense, the Bulls have become a middle of the road club. If they don't find a new way to setup the attack and get some better work in goal, they are going to sink.

7. Kansas City Wizards (9) - Seems weird that the second best team in the East is so low on the list, but until this past weekend, they didn't really show any offense other then Eddie Johnson. The defense still allows way too much open running at goal, but if they can find multiple targets up top, they should be able to overcome.

8. Chivas USA (8) - I've got to hand it to the goats, they are starting to make something of their chances. The only down side, they are finding fewer chances.

9. Toronto FC (7) - Injuries can kill a team. Mo needs to find a goaltender fast if he wants to stop a big slide.

10. Colorado Rapids (10) - The Rapids used the past week to come up with nine new ways to not score a goal.

11. Chicago Fire (12) - Their win against Toronto showed a team coming together. They are figuring out the midfield issues and finding some attack. It still needs some big work, but the elements of success are there.

12. Los Angeles Galaxy (11) - Superliga keeps LA busy but the real hard work is about to begin as they have six matches in August (including five on the road) that should decide their season.

13. Real Salt Lake (13) - Poor Real, they start looking decent and then they get a red card. Good news, the Beckerman trade looks to be a smart move, but will they see another victory this season?

And now week seventeen is in the dustbin of history.

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