Monday, July 30, 2007

MLS Expansion - Milwaukee's last chance effort

When talk of possible MLS expansion cities comes up, seldom does it start with Milwaukee, however, there has been a group trying hard to make the dream happen. Sadly, it looks like their final chance to see this reality is upon them as they are looking to use the Milwaukee Mile race track as a home for a new club.

The idea is simple really, a playing service will be rolled over the infield of the track (the grass part in the middle) much like the soccer field is rolled into place in Phoenix. Since the seats are already there, the cost of creating such a stadium is much less then building from nothing.

This article mentions a "...platform that could be rolled over the Milwaukee Mile track", so I'm not sure if the pitch will be only over the infield or if it will be raised up and cover portions of the track. If it covers portions of the track, it would be much closer to the seats then I showed in my image above. By the by, the image is a close approximation of the size of a soccer pitch to the size Mile track.

Although this is one of the most unique ways of solving the whole stadium issue, I just don't see MLS jumping at the possibility. Perhaps I am wrong, but this just doesn't seem to fit in with the current theme that MLS management is trying to play out (ie - take us seriously).

Maybe the league would give them a team with this as a temporary home, however with the Milwaukee group already hurting from three failed attempts to bring a full stadium to the city, it seems like the Mile would be more of a long term option.

Update: If you want to read a different view regarding this, take a look here.

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Blogger Allen said...

That sounds attrocious. I'm surprised the league has given this option so much consideration.

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