Friday, August 10, 2007

2007-08 EPL Prediction Time

It is that time of year in Europe again when every club's fans have some notion that this is the season that their boys will come out on top. For most, those dreams will end within the next month, so enjoy the open feeling now. Anyway, here are my predictions for the 2007-08 EPL season.

1. Chelsea - I think their taste of defeat last season will propel them to a better level this year but will Ballack or Shevchenko do anything?

2. Manchester United - Paul Scholes is going to have a good year, as most of United's other players, however as champs, everyone will be looking to do them in.

3. Liverpool - Lots and lots of moves in the off-season, which leads to the question of how long will it take this club to gel? They will be good but even a little stumble out of the gate could cost them the race.

4. Tottenham - Darren Bent will lead the attack that will push their way into the top 4 by no more then 2 points.

5. Arsenal - With Thierry Henry gone, so there is going to be a reshuffle. The talent is there but the Gunners drop too many points to lesser clubs.

6. Portsmouth - David Nugent and John Utaka will find the net enough to challenge for Europe.

7. Manchester City - All that Thai money will move City into a good spot. Roberto Bianchi and Elano will help push this team forward.

8. Newcastle - Will this be the year that Newcastle starts performing as well as everyone seems to think they should? Lots of new talent on hand for the club so it might happen.

9. West Ham - I am of two minds with West Ham as the loss of Carlos Tevez is going to hurt. All the new money should allow them to buy some players during the winter which should give them a chance in the spring.

10. Everton - They have a good first 11 but beyond that it is a little light. A couple injuries and they are in a real bad place. The good news, their keeper should be able to keep the nets empty.

11. Blackburn - The Rovers are always a better team then they should be, but I think that will change this season.

12. Bolton - How much will Ben Haim leaving hurt the Wanderers? They have most of their old crew back but a rough start will sink this team.

13. Reading - Last year was more luck then anything else and the loss of Steve Sidwell will take a toll. Still, they will not be in drop danger but the dreams of Europe are not going to happen.

14. Aston Villa - They failed to do much of anything in the off-season in terms of signings to inspire me to think they are as good as everyone else seems to think they are. There is money there but it hasn't been spent, so the team will hurt.

15. Fulham - A number of trades have happened but I don't think there is enough proven talent on the squad to keep them out of the relegation fight. They do have some good options should be enough to stay up, but it will be by less then 5 points.

16. Middlesbrough - Like most at the bottom, Boro suffer from a lack of goals. They have had a lock on the 12th spot of late but these year the talent has passed them by, thus they will fight to the end.

17. Sunderland - Michael Chopra will have a difficult time but he will provide just enough to keep his club up.

18. Wigan - Tons of new players to work with but that will probably work against them. Scoring goals will be difficult and in the end, their ride in the top league will come to an end.

19. Derby County - Lots of players will plenty to prove, but that will only get you so far. I think they will be just below middle table in December and fade in the spring.

20. Brimingham - Welcome to the EPL, but don't expect to stay long. I don't know who will be their go to guy and I don't think they do either.

The bottom six spots are all going to be tight, but there is a good chance one of these teams will breakout of my lower end box.



Anonymous Sean PHHS said...

Thank you ever so much- Newcastle at #8? I love my Magpies and I didn't have the courage to predict them finishing so high. And what wonders one game does. I almost like Sam Allardyce now.
Things are always rosey in the glow of a victory...

2:26 PM  

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