Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Night Soccer - LA vs. DC - Will history be made

Los Angeles Galaxy (3-5-5) vs. DC United (8-6-3)
7pm ET/ 4pm PT
Could this finally be the match that sees it happen and will it happen in front of 45,000 fans? Can Jaime Moreno become the all-time MLS goal scorer? Wouldn't that be fun to watch? Perhaps the thousands who come to this match to see just one man will not feel cheated if that happens and that one man does not take to the pitch. Not that they should feel cheated, but how one should feel and how one often does feel are two different things all together.

Anyway, LA comes off a match where they looked pitiful against Toronto while United clamped down on every little mistake New England made. If it weren’t for their success in the SuperLiga, there would be nothing for LA to hand their hat on. So what will happen tonight? LA will beat DC at RFK. Why? Because that is just the way it seems to go for DC on their home field against the team from la-la land.

Earlier in the season, LA was defined solely by Landon Donovan. If he was on, they had a chance and if he was not, they were finished before the opening whistle blew. Thanks to some trades, it is not as bad today but Donovan is still the major part of the Galaxy equation. If Landon can get going in this one (and he normally does in big MLS match), United is in trouble.

DC has improved their backline from the laughter that was their first few weeks but it is still prone to make errors, so the midfield needs to cover Donovan close. Having Fred play in the middle of things could be the step that keeps LA from breaking out.

The wife thinks I'm crazy for picking LA in this one and she is probably right, like normal, but I just think something is going to break for the Galaxy. Put who knows, maybe 45,000 people cheering for DC can break the spell LA has over RFK.

Predictions: Me LA 3-2 DC, Wife LA 0-3 DC
Will Beckham play: Me Yes, Wife No

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Blogger Stephen said...

Good showing by Beckham, health-wise. Now all he has to do is give LA some backbone, direction, and discipline on the field.

8:24 PM  

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