Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gold Cup Day 6 recap - D Ro takes Canada to the top

Canada 2-0 Haiti
Group A is over and Canada is surprise winners. Haiti had the better technical skills on the night, but they could not connect with net. Canada had some great breaks and build up, but what was surprising to me was just how bad most of their first touches were. They really could have got two more goals in this one, but they could not set the ball where they needed it to be. There also seemed to be a large amount of confusion in their backline, but Pat Onstad was there to clean things up. Haiti knew they needed a win and when their talent wasn't proving enough to get it, they turned to cheap fouls that almost caused this match to get out of hand. This all lead to Pierre-Richard Bruny throwing a stupid, hard elbow into the face of Canada's Kevin Harmse, thus earning him a red card and killing any small hope his side had of a late come back.

With the win Canada takes first place in Group A and advances to a date with the second place team in Group B in the quarterfinals.
Goals: Dwayne De Rosario (1) 31', (2) pk 35'

Costa Rica 1-0 Guadeloupe
Costa Rica needed nothing less then a full three points to advance and thanks again to the work of Walter Centeno, they got it. Centeno caught Guadeloupe's keeper flat footed as he drove a free kick in from 22 yards. Costa Rica continued to get the better of the chances as they owned the rest of he half. However Guadeloupe came out strong in the second and almost made something out of Costa Rica's collapsible defense. With the intensity of the match suddenly much higher, it turned very physical with numerous stoppages due to shoving and pushing. All this play lead to few cards, but it killed much of the momentum either team was building and the game slipped away.

Costa Rica earns the second spot in the group and will next play in Houston against the second place team in Group C. Guadeloupe still has a chance to advance, but they need either a USA or Trinidad & Tobago win in Group B, or failing that, a Panama win in Group C.
Goals: Walter Centeno (3) 14'

Here are the Gold Cup tables:
Group A
Canada 6321053+2
Costa Rica43111330
Guadeloupe 43111330

Group B
El Salvador32110220

Group C

Golden boot leaders:
3 - Carlos Costly - Honduras
3 - Walter Centeno - Costa Rica
2 - Julián de Guzmán - Canada
2 - Dwayne De Rosario - Canada
2 - Reynier Alcántara - Cuba
2 - José Luis Garcés - Panama
2 - Blas Pérez - Panama

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