Monday, June 11, 2007

2007 MLS Week 10 Recap or DC still trumps New York

It seems that no matter how much things might change in MLS, one thing will always stay the same; DC will always beat New York. This match was the highlight of the weekend as it not only turned into a goal fest, but also showed how strong of a team United can be. Although the red cards were not flying as much as they were last weekend, there still managed to be two ejections over the weekend. This week was the first week where the West won the week in inter-conference games and the second week without a tie.

Here is the league by numbers 65 games into the season:
SeasonWeek 8
Att per game15,11116,317
Goals per game2.6313.333
Inter-conferenceEast 11-7-8West 2-0-0
Ties16 (24.6%)0 (0%)

Chivas USA 1-0 Chicago Fire
Chivas needs a lot of chances to get a goal, but Chicago seemed only too happy to provide them with those chances. Between corner kicks and fouls in dangerous places, the goats had more then enough opportunities, yet they almost got a tie. The Fire was lacking players, but they still managed to hang in there because Chivas could not get their shots on target. If they start doing that, they will be a force.
Goal: CV: Paulo Nagamura (1) 79'

Los Angeles Galaxy 1-3 FC Dallas
The Galaxy is falling apart. Even on a night were they start producing a lot of great possibilities, they still look bad and the frustration from it all lead to a bad tackle by Tyrone Marshall, which broke Kenny Cooper's right tibia. With Marshall gone, LA has even fewer options on the bench meaning the bad ride is long from over. So how did FCD do? They had trouble clearing balls again, however they did kick up the attack with a new three forward setup. They still have not recorded a clean sheet for the season, which is going to start hurting them at some point.
Goals: FCD: Juan Toja (3) 24', Abe Thompson (2) pk 54', Drew Moor (1) 73'
LA: Robbie Findley (2) 41'

New York Red Bulls 2-4 DC United
The fact that DC lost Bobby Boswell in defense due to a red card and still held the best offense in the league seems to suggest their problems in the back are getting a bit better, but the big hero of the night was Mr. Hat Tick, Ben Olsen. He is the first person this year to find the secret to slicing through the Bulls backline. He also played a big roll in controlling the middle of the pitch. After three road games in a week, NY looked tired, but they still provided some fireworks.
Goals: DC: Ben Olsen (2) 15', (3) 72', (4) 84', Luciano Emilio (3) 49'
NY: Dema Kovalenko (2) 18', Juan Pablo Angel (7) 85'

Houston Dynamo 2-1 Columbus Crew
Payback sucks. Just a few weeks ago the Crew sent Joseph Ngwenya to Houston. Sure enough he gets the first goal of the match and his third since the trade. Adding to the pain was the own goal by Chad Marshall that gave the Dynamo the win. Columbus tried to force some offense on the night, but so much of what they did was buildup with no finish. Houston was still a little shaky but managed to get their third straight win to take second place in the West.
Goals: HD: Joseph Ngwenya (3) 22', Own Goal (Chad Marshall) 29'
CC: Alejandro Moreno (1) 25'

So how did the predictions turn out? I managed to go 2-2 on the weekend and 4-2 on the week. The wife was a bit worse for as she went 1-3 over the weekend but still hit .500 for the week. Here are out new totals.
Me: 24-41
Wife: 23-42

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