Thursday, June 14, 2007

Galaxy want Honduras goal scoring monster Pavón

Los Angeles is looking to make another offensive move as they are after last night's star Carlos Pavón. Pavón knotted home four goals against Panama and almost had a couple more.

It seems that his striking partner Carlos Costly, the star of the Mexico match, is also getting a look over by MLS.
Pavon, 33, who plays for Real DC Espana in Honduras, and Costly, 24, who plays for GKS Belchatow in Poland, have both been scrutinized by MLS, with Pavon of particular interest to the goal-hungry Galaxy.

LA would be very lucky to land Pavón as it would give them a huge extra punch up top. As far as Costly, if he ends up in MLS, the league will be better because of it.

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Anonymous said...

a bit old but a good player, pavón.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Allen said...

Neither one of those guys will help bring back the Cienfegos [sic] fans. :)

5:55 PM  

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