Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Group C over - Honduras wins it all, Mexico stays away from USA

Mexico 1-0 Panama
You have to hand it to Panama, they came out ready to play and had a few chances to make the upset happen but Mexico was able to hold thanks to the work of Oswaldo Sanchez in goal. Mexico's defense still looks weak and out of form while their midfield got tied up, but Carlos Salcido was able to punch in a shot to give El Tri the lead. Panama kept pushing for the equalizer, even after Rolando Escobar got sent off with a red. However, once they lost a second player, Roman Torres, to a red card, it was obvious tonight was not the night for Panama. Still a wonderful effort and if Sanchez did not have a perfect match, the outcome would have been very different. Mexico is still looking beatable.
Mexico: Carlos Salcido (1) 58'

Video Highlights:

Honduras 5-0 Cuba
Cuba had holes everywhere and Honduras exploited them. The score pretty much tells you the story as Carlos Pavón exploded for four goals to lead his team to the top spot in Group C and a date with Guadeloupe on Sunday in Houston.
Honduras: Carlos Pavón (1) 3', (2) 12', (3) 42', (4) 53', Amado Guevara (2) pk 90'

Video Highlights:

Here are the final Gold Cup tables:
Group A
Canada 6321053+2
Costa Rica43111330
Guadeloupe 43111330

Group B
El Salvador3312026-4

Group C

Golden boot leaders:
4 - Carlos Pavón - Honduras
3 - Carlos Costly - Honduras
3 - Walter Centeno - Costa Rica
2 - Julián de Guzmán - Canada
2 - Dwayne De Rosario - Canada
2 - Reynier Alcántara - Cuba
2 - José Luis Garcés - Panama
2 - Blas Pérez - Panama
2 - DaMarcus Beasley - USA
2 - Amado Guevara - Honduras

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Panama dominated the entire game except for maybe the last 15 minutes of the first half and the last 10 minutes of the second half. They hit the post twice. They beat the goaltender a third time (saved by a defenseman on the goalline). Panama looked very fit as well, they just couldn't put the ball in the net.

Mexico looked like crap. No offense, didn't string together many passes, the defense left guys completely unmarked. They are in trouble.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Mike H said...

I agree, Mexico was caught flat last night. Even with the overwhelming majority of the 70,000 fans cheering them on, they couldn't get things together.

Panama is a strong team and should have got the win. Speaking as a US backer, I would love to play Mexico on Saturday instead of Panama. I think Costa Rica will give El Tri a flight but they might not be enough push Mexico out. Even with the two suspensions, Panama is going to be difficult.

10:13 AM  

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