Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Copa America quarterfinal moved

FIFA has decided the first quarterfinal of the Copa America cannot be played in La Carolina stadium in Barinas because of its low capacity. Instead, the game will move to Estadio Puerto La Cruz in the eastern state of AnzoƔtegui.

The interesting thing about this is the game was originally suppose to take place at Maracaibo's 40,000-capacity Jose Encarnacion Romero stadium before it moved to the 27,500-capacity stadium in Barinas. The fact that Barinas stadium is in the home state of President Hugo Chavez adds another dimension to everything. In moving the game for the second time FIFA said the smaller stadium was "insufficient to accommodate a match of this nature," but why did they allow it to move to a smaller location in the first place?

Here is the really interesting part:
The Venezuelan government has spent at least US$1 million (?750,000) to construct two new stadiums, remodel seven others, and renovate airports and surrounding areas for the tournament, which is being hosted in Venezuela for the first time from June 26 to July 15. But the projects have suffered from delays due to labor disputes and problems with bonus payments to workers.
Could all these moves have something to do with these delays?

Between the threat of violence against boycotts and the moving stadium situation, Copa America 2007 might turn out to be more interesting off the pitch then on.

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Anonymous Dave R. said...

I live in Puerto La Cruz and I know exactly why Maracaibo lost out to Barinas and PLC. The governor of the state of Zulia (where Maracaibo is located) is Manuel Rosales who was running against Chavez in the presidential race in November. Of course he lost to Chavez but is very still against Chavez and goes around the world representing the opposition. Chavez is punishing him for this by not giving him the game. If you don't believe me, then you've never lived in VZ before and don't know how moronic Chavez is. He is a complete idiot who likes to act as though the entire country is behind him when in fact he threatened all oil workers, armed forces, and all government workers that they MUST vote for him in November or they'll be fired, this is very true and extremely underreported unfortunately. My Venezuelan girlfriend can not obtain a government job because she signed a referendum to try and get Chavez out of office (completely democratic thing to do). I really wish the media would tap into this. I have been to Cuba a few times and the feel in VZ is getting very very close; no one has a voice in anything.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Mike H said...

Dave R,

Thanks for the information.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Maracaibo and I have been trying to get my tickets since yesterday. I paid Bs. 560.000 for 3 tickets plus the service of delivery of the tickets. Yesterday the local delivery company (Domesa) colapsed and gave back the envelopes with the tickets to DeLujoPromociones (DeguisoPromociones) which is the company in charge of the printing and sales of the tickets. They announced through their web site that today and tommorrow we could get the tickets at the Luis Aparicio Stadium in Maracaibo. I went today in the morning and said to come at 3:00 pm. I have been since 3:00 pm and from my point of view tommorrow at this time still I will not have my tickets. I am sure this company was appointed in a corrupted style deal because nobody hear in Venezuela knows about it. What a shame will all these people that purchased tickets through internet.

3:53 PM  

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