Thursday, June 14, 2007

2007 Gold Cup Quarterfinals Schedule

The group stage is done and now it is knockout time. All four of these matches should be interesting to watch because even the underdogs have pulled off a number of surprises.

If you are in or around Foxborough or Houston, why not go see the games in person. One ticket gets you into both quarterfinal games on the day, plus in Foxborough you will also get a MLS match featuring the New England Revolution. It could make a great Father's Day gift.

Anyway, here is a quick look at the four games:
Quarterfinals Day 1 - Saturday - Foxborough
Canada (A1) v Guatemala (B2)
1pm ET/10am PT - TV: Telefutra (Spanish)
Canada surprised a few with their top-flight finish in Group C, but still have a few holes to fill. Guatemala played their regular ugly style of soccer and managed to squeeze through. If there is a good ref, Canada should be alright but if the Blue & White get to crap tackle their way around the pitch and do everything they can to prevent a soccer match from breaking out, it will be difficult for the maple leafs.

USA (B1) v Panama (C3)
4pm ET/ 1pm PT - TV: Fox Soccer Channel (English), Univision (Spanish)
The way Mexico has been playing, it would have been something wonderful to face them on Saturday instead of a real hot Panama side. The US should not undervalue Panama, even with two players out due to reds. They will pressure the defense and can be tricky in the middle. If you live in the Northeast and missed out on Germany last year, this match might just make up for it.

Quarterfinals Day 2 - Sunday - Houston
Honduras (C1) v Guadeloupe (A3)
3pm ET/12pm PT - TV: Telefutra (Spanish)
Honduras is clicking while Guadeloupe is fading. Of all four matches, this one has the greatest likelihood of being a blowout, but it might also provide a bit of a surprise.

Mexico (C2) v Costa Rica (A2)
6pm ET/3pm PT - TV: Univision (Spanish)
If only Costa Rica had a few younger players with good experience, because that could really come in handy. Mexico has been the biggest underperformer of the tournament and with two or three players out due to yellow card accumulation; this is going to be a difficult outing for El Tri.

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Anonymous DoubleB said...

Anybody else really rooting for Guadeloupe, an island with less people than Long Beach or is it just me?

I agree that Panama isn't an automatic win. They play extremely hard all over the pitch and have been in this situation before ('05). Would have rather played a sinking Mexico team.

5:33 PM  
Blogger ERic said...

I believe Panama has 3 players out. They should have a 3rd player out for getting two yellows in the first 3 games.

10:11 AM  

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