Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beckham walked because of Real snub

David Beckham might be the great hero of Real Madrid and England right not but just six months ago it was very different. Back then he was still being vilified by the British press and people for the England's failure in the World Cup as well as being treated like a diseased rat by Real coach Fabio Capello.

It was about this time that Beckham signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy. People all over the continent fell over themselves to explain how this not only proved that his career was over but it also showed that he was not very good in the first place. Well it turns out a big reason for Beckham's move had more to do with the poor treatment by club then the his talent.

Last night Beckham revealed that Real's failure to offer him a contract was the main reason he decided to leave along with Capello's desire not to play the star.

"I first realized I would be leaving Real Madrid six months ago in January when I was told my contract wouldn't be renewed," the 32-year-old former England captain told a news conference before his final game for the Primera Liga club on Sunday.

"I definitely agree there was more to it than the manager, but I'm not going to criticize Fabio Capello because I have too much respect for him as a person and as a manager. It was a difficult time and there were many other things going on around the club."

He also stressed that he will indeed play for LA and that there is no clause that would allow him to back out of the deal even if he wanted to.

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