Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2007 MLS Week 10 Power Ratings

Week ten sees a change at the top but the list still belongs to the East. It says a lot about the conference that DC United can go on a great six game run and still only be tied for third. Meanwhile in the West, it is looking like it might come down to a battle in Texas. Here are the ratings as I see them.

1. Kansas City Wizards (Last week - 2) - Nothing like having a week off and moving up to the top spot. The Wizards might have been busy worrying about Eddie Johnson on Saturday, but due to New York's troubles in DC, they are the new number one around here.

2. New York Red Bull (1) - A good outing against Toronto FC, but their defense was showing some signs of troubles which DC United (via Ben Olsen) exploded open. They still have some good offense but could a defensive collapse be in the work or is this just the result of three road matches in a week?

3. DC United (4) - United continues to congeal with their attack coming back thanks to good midfield work and their defense is no longer a 'splish, splash' show. If there is one place that is looking suspect it might just be in goal.

4. New England Revolution (3) - The Revs sat this week out as they get ready to see the return of Twellman, Parkhurst and even Clint Dempsey this Saturday. Too bad for the club those three will all be in the US jerseys.

5. FC Dallas (5) - Dallas looked much better in the second half but now they need to start shutting out teams. It seems their back is doomed to always be a bit confused.

6. Toronto FC (6) - Even with all so many of their best out with Canada, they are holding tight. The integration of Jeff Cunningham into the mix might just be the best part of their last few games.

7. Houston Dynamo (9) - Who would have ever thought that the departure of most of their big names would result in the Dynamo finely returning the form? They are applying pressure well and holding a solid line in back but the big news is that they are actually finishing balls. They still do not dominate but they are looking much sharper.

8. Colorado Rapids (7) - The Rapids kept their weak style of play alive this week and still almost got a point in Houston. This team has trouble pointing together attacks but plays a decent defense that should keep them at least in the middle of the league for the season.

9. Chivas USA (10) - The Goats continue to get points but it takes them forever to take advantage of their opposition's mistakes. Counting on 15 chances a game to get a goal is not the way to win.

10. Chicago Fire (8) - The Fire have no flow in their game and they give teams all the chances in the world to beat them. If they could tighten up their midfield, they would have something, but with so many young players, that will be a hard one to accomplish.

11. Columbus Crew (11) - If you can't beat the Crew, they will beat themselves for you. They have the makings of a good core but they are still bad on passes and even worse on shots.

12. Los Angeles Galaxy (12) - The Galaxy are in trouble. Between injuries, cards and call-ups, this team is a shadow without a sun. They do not have the fitness or reserves to finish matches and their frustration is glowing. If something doesn't turn around soon, all the thrill of the late summer is going to be for nothing.

13. Real Salt Lake (13) - Real Salt Lake actually got a win over the last week against the Chinese national team. It counts for nothing but I'll take any chance I can get to type the would 'win' in a RSL review.

Week ten is now done.

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