Thursday, June 28, 2007

2007 Copa America - Day 3 - USA 1-4 Argentina - Ouch

USA 1-4 Argentina

The US men have suffered their first loss since the World Cup and did it in a big way. The Nats looked all right during the first half but fell to pieces as the match went along. With very little support available off the bench, Argentina was able to just want the US out. This match reminded me a great deal of the friendly against Germany back in March of last year. In both games we went in with weak sides, played a decent first half and then fell apart just a bit after the hour mark.

Anyway, it was a bad night. Instead of doing a full player grade, I'll just point out the folks that I thought had at least an average or better night: Johnson, Mapp, Conrad. Others had some okay moments, but overall it really doesn't matter as it was a painful game to watch. That said, at least they didn't fall as bad as Colombia did against Paraguay. Then again, the US face Paraguay on Monday.

US: Johnson (1) 9'
Argentina: Crespo (1) 12', (2) 65', Aimar (1) 79', Tevez (1) 86'

Paraguay 5-0 Colombia
This one became an official sack beating late in the match as Paraguay got three goals in the final ten minutes. The first half was a snore in this one but then Paraguay took charge in the second. Colombia had a couple of chances but nothing to cause worry. The score is about equal to the play on the pitch.
Paraguay: Roque Santa Cruz (1) 30', (2) 46', (3) 80', Cabanas (1) 85', (2) 88'

Group A

Group B

Group C

Golden Boot
3 - Roque Santa Cruz - Paraguay
2 - Hernan Crespo - Argentina
2 - Salvador Cabanas - Paraguay
2 - Humberto Suazo - Chile
1 - Juan Carlos Arce - Bolivia
1 - Jaime Moreno - Bolivia
1 - Carlos Villanueva - Chile
1 - Cristian Benítez - Ecuador
1 - Luis Antonio Valencia - Ecuador
1 - Nery Castillo - Mexico
1 - Ramón Morales - Mexico
1 - José Paolo Guerrero - Peru
1 - Juan Carlos Mariño - Peru
1 - Miguel Villalta - Peru
1 - Giancarlo Maldonado - Venezuela
1 - Ricardo David Páez - Venezuela
1 - Pablo Aimar - Argentina
1 - Carlos Tevez - Argentina
1 - Eddie Johnson - USA

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Anonymous Wes said...

But this is probably also the toughest match they have had since the World Cup. In my opinion, Argentina was always going to be tough and lets who can beat them at this tournament.

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Jorge said...

Except for Conrad, I disagree with your player assessments.

Feilhaber was in my opinion the best US player.

Johnson was never dangerous as he seemed afraid of attacking the Argentinian defenders one on one and I cannot recall a shot on goal.

Except for the penalty play - great ball from Feilhaber - he always chose to play the ball back rather than run to the goal, even when he had a step on the defenders.

Mapp is the epitome of the MLS player. His intensity and execution speed is a couple of notches down.

I think that while the MLS is developing the US national team would benefit from having some of its best young players playing abroad in more competitive leagues where you have less time and space and you get used to think and act faster.

9:28 AM  
Blogger cahyo wijanarko said...

not a surprising result since usa played with a lot of youngsters while argentina was a top class team with top class players.
btw, can we exchange link? i also own a football blog. please email me at thanks.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not think it was a tough match. I think the U.S. coach was pretty stupid for not playing the U.S. teams best players against Argentina's best players. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? He needs to be taken to the woodshed for a good talking to!

3:41 PM  

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