Thursday, June 28, 2007

Benelux wants 2018 World Cup

The open race for the 2018 World Cup has another pony as the Benelux countries have declared their intention to play host to the finals. Now just incase you are having trouble recalling the Benelux countries they are Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg and have had a parliament for over 50 years.

The most interesting thing about this announcement is that they are not going it as a joint venture; instead they are doing it as "one entity, one political entity with a common economic base." Does this mean that they all will host it but do will supply a joint Benelux team or will all three nations agree to not have a host nation spot automatically granted to them and, instead, go through full qualifying? Or maybe the three teams will play some tournament to decide who gets the host spot while the other two have to go through qualifying.

Benelux joins the USA, Australia, England and others hoping to get the finals. Unless FIFA makes an announcement soon regarding their rotation policy, expect a few more nations to get in on the speculation fun.

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