Wednesday, June 27, 2007

2007 Copa America - Day 2

The first day of Copa America saw a bit of a shock when Peru did in Uruguay, but day two saw the stakes raised as Mexico walked in and stopped Brazil's samba before it really had a chance to get started. This match alone was enough to see why the tournament is so beloved. Now the question becomes will the upsets continue in day three?

Chile 3-2 Ecuador
It is nice to know the US is not the only team that can't kill off teams. Ecuador had at least three great chances that should have resulted in additional goals, but instead they walked away with nothing. Ecuador was living large for most of the match but as the second half rolled on, Chile continued to pressure. All the attacked paid off as they owned the final ten minutes.
Ecuador: Antonio Valencia (1) 16', Christian Benitez (1) 23'
Humberto Suazo (1) 21', (2) 80', Carlos Villanueva (1) 87'

Mexico 2-0 Brazil
Could this match have saved Hugo Sanchez's job? Brazil controlled so much of the possession but seemed to think the yellow jerseys alone would take the night. Mexico did get a break early on as Diego's goal was called back due to a poor offside call. But El Tri made a lot of their few first half chances and at the break was on top by two. Brazil came out more aggressive in the second half however Mexico still owned the midfield till a little after the hour mark. The next thirty minutes saw the Samba boys finally realize they were in a match but Mexico was able to make the saves on defense including a fantastic save off the line. As great as that was, Nery Castillo had two wonderful chances to put the game away but he made the wrong choices both time. However, it was not needed and Mexico has pulled off the biggest of surprises.
Mexico: Nery Castillo (1) 24', Ramon Morales (1) 29'

Group A

Group B

Group C

Golden Boot
2 - Humberto Suazo - Chile
1 - Juan Carlos Arce - Bolivia
1 - Jaime Moreno - Bolivia
1 - Carlos Villanueva - Chile
1 - Cristian Benítez - Ecuador
1 - Luis Antonio Valencia - Ecuador
1 - Nery Castillo - Mexico
1 - Ramón Morales - Mexico
1 - José Paolo Guerrero - Peru
1 - Juan Carlos Mariño - Peru
1 - Miguel Villalta - Peru
1 - Giancarlo Maldonado - Venezuela
1 - Ricardo David Páez - Venezuela

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