Thursday, May 10, 2007

San Jose Earthquakes prospective owner likes airport location

Lew Wolff, the man behind the plan to bring the Earthquakes back to San Jose, says he is very interested in developing a new stadium site by the airport.

"If we can work with the community, that would be a great location," Wolff said on a conference call with reporters.

Wolff would like to see the location include offices, retail and hotels in addition to the stadium. With it's location to the airport and Santa Clara University, the hotels would probably be very profitable. An additional benefit to the location is the possibility of a future BART transit hub being located right next to the development site, although this is far from guaranteed.

City Manager Les White will present a report on the idea on June 12, but it looks like the first major obstacle might be the airport as they are currently leasing the land for us with construction activities and parking. If they decide they do not need this land long term and if Wolff can pay fair-market value for it (i.e. the city rezones some other unrelated land for him to develop residential homes), this location has a good chance of working out.

From what I've heard, this sounds like an excellent location for a stadium. Not only will the locals have an easy time of accessing it but also traveling fans that fly in could almost walk to it from their plane. Add in some hotels that would be able to make money year round and you've got something good. Now we just have to wait for the details.

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