Thursday, May 10, 2007

FCD - Ruiz finally returns, Guevara a possibility

Carlos Ruiz has finally returned to his club, two days after he was due back.

FC Dallas gave their players last weekend off so they could travel or just have some down time. The club also delayed Monday practice till 4pm to give the traveling players a little extra time to return. It appears those extra hours were not enough for captain Ruiz as he failed to rejoin the club till yesterday.

Ruiz insists that he informed the team before hand that he would return late and understands he might be penalized for it.

"There was no misbehavior involved," Ruiz said. "I let them know beforehand, but I know I'll get some kind of fine. I get the same treatment as everybody else."

Although it is good to see Ruiz take responsibility for his actions, it is disappointing that he would do such actions in the first place. During the 2005 season he made a habit of failing to return on time whenever he played for the Guatemalan national team, however he seemed to move past that in 2006. It is a shame that as captain of the team he has decided to return to his old ways.

Coach Steve Morrow now has to decide if part of his punishment includes missing this weekend's game against Kansas City. Dallas is in a good spot in the standings, but they are in the middle of a slump, meaning that they need to get some sort of result. It would be a shame if the club didn't have one of its best players for this match because that player decided his time was more important then his club.

In other 'FC Dallas loves the bad boys' news, Morrow says he is interested in obtaining midfielder Amado Guevara from Chivas USA.

"He's a player that I've been interested in before," Morrow said. "When I heard he was available, I expressed an interest. We have been talking over that situation in the last few days, but nothing has been resolved."

Even though Chivas has said Guevara will never again play for the club, they still hold his contract, meaning that any move to Dallas would have to be approved by the goats. With Guevara eating up about $250,000 of their salary and rumors of a big Mexican signing in the works, Chivas will probably unload Guevara, but they might take a little time in doing so.

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