Wednesday, April 25, 2007

2007 Week 3 Predictions - TFC v KC

Toronto FC (0-2-0) vs. KC Wizards (1-1-0)
8:00pm ET
TV: Direct Kick
Internet: MLStv

We get our first Wednesday night MLS match tonight as the flopping TFC travel to KC with one mission in mind, get a goal. For coach Mo Johnson, this will be a bit of a homecoming as he was on the Wizards team that won their sole MLS cup in 2000.

The Wizards, who looked amazing during their first match, were brought back to 2006 land in Chicago this past weekend. Part of that had to do with Scott Sealy not being around, but that does not explain away all their problems. They were horrible in the middle and without any balls making it through, Eddie Johnson could do nothing.

Thankfully for KC, they are facing a Toronto side that has yet to find any kind of stride. Their passes are easily intercepted, their clearances never seem to leave the area and their attack is painfully awkward. Mo has made a number of changes that might make a difference, but one match is nowhere near enough to make it all come together.

Toronto will get their first goal tonight, but they will not get their first points.
Predictions: Me TFC 1-3 KC, Wife TFC 0-1 KC

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