Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pachuca rules CONCACAF, KC loves the rain

Chivas de Guadalajara 0-0 Pachuca CF
6-7 on penalty kicks
It took 120 minutes of play and 14 pk attempts, but in the end Pachuca walked away with the CONCACAF crown.

Pachuca deserves this title as they were the best team through out the whole tournament. I was surprised to see Chivas of Guadalajara close down their attack during the match, but in the end, the better side won.

Pachuca will now represent Concacaf in the FIFA World Club Cup this December.

Toronto FC 0-3 Kansas City Wizards
Now to a much less intercepted or watched game. In MLS action, the Wizards continued the tradition of making Toronto FC look like second division rejects as they smoked them 3-0 in the rain. Before I go any further I really have to salute the 7,500 fans who showed up in the downpour to watch this match. For a wet, Wednesday night, this is impressive.

As far as the game, TFC's fatal flaw was their inability to clear balls in box. Time and time again the Wizards would get two or three chances per attack. Greg Sutton is a good keeper but not good enough to stop three or more shots in a 5 second period. That said, even if they had cleared it, KC probably would have won it back quick enough as Toronto's midfield didn't seem to realize there was a game being played on the field.

There was a bright spot for Toronto as Alecko Eskandarian proved he could still unravel a defense. If he had any support, his side would have got their first goal last night.

Kansas City played another great game, but against TFC, that's to be expected. These two face each other again on Saturday and as easy as this win was for them, the Wizards can't let it go to their head. At some point Toronto will win a game and it will probably because the opposition didn't take them seriously and KC is in a great spot to have that happen to them.
Goals: KC: Eddie Johnson 5', Kerry Zavagnin 55', Yura Movsisyan 70'

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